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Trattamento della Privacy

I dati personali verranno sempre archiviati solo se acquisti un prodotto tramite o se ne hai dato esplicito consenso. I dati personali sono archiviati da:



Società: Click2Deal bv
Parte di: Dealconomy bv
Indirizzo: Lemelerbergweg 62
Codice postale ed indirizzo: 1101 AW Amsterdam




E-mail: [email protected]
Camera di Commercio: 69758743



Click2Deal è responsabile della conformità al Regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati (GDPR), amministrando i dati del cliente anche per scopi di analisi e marketing. Click2Deal è il responsabile del controllo ai sensi del GDPR. Click2Deal è responsabile per l'elaborazione di tutti i dati per conto di, e su


Click2Deal raccoglie ed elabora i dati personali per l'amministrazione del cliente, per eseguire il contratto, raccogliere i pagamenti, per il servizio clienti, il sito, il marketing personale e per adempiere agli obblighi di legge.


I dati personali archiviati da Click2Deal sono principalmente destinati all'esecuzione dell'accordo tra consumatore e Senza questa fornitura di dati non è possibile portare a termine il contratto per Click2Deal.


Click2Deal handles your personal data with the utmost care and makes every effort to store your data securely. Any data breaches are always reported to the Dutch Personal Data Authority and the data subjects whose personal data might have been at risk. In case of a data breach Click2Deal always takes appropriate measures to assure the reliability of the website.


If you believe that your personal data is used and/or obtained in an inappropriate way or stored unjustifiably, and it is not possible for you to delete your data, despite repeated requests, you can always submit a complaint to the Dutch Personal Data Authority.


The following personal data of you is stored by Click2Deal:

1) for executing the agreement: your order number, name, address, postal code, place of residence, country of residence, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number(s) and bank or credit card details;

2) for paying the invoices: your order number, name, address, postal code, place of residence, country of residence, gender;

3) for sending the newsletters and other marketing purposes (if desired): your e-mail address, name, gender and date of birth;

4) for handling complaints: your order number, name, address, postal code, place of residence, country of residence, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number(s) and bank or credit card details.


Personal data will never be stored longer than strictly necessary and you can always review, change or delete this. Reviewing, changing and deleting (including the right to be forgotten) is possible through the concept form on the site and by means of the newsletter. If you have given any permission to us, you can always withdraw this permission.


Your personal data is in any case deleted:

1) in case of executing the agreement: two years after the day of the last purchase, unless you have given explicit permission to store the data longer, or if we must store your data longer based on a legal regulation or provision;

2) in case of paying the invoices: 7 years after the payment of the invoice, to be able to comply with the legal obligation for the benefit of the tax office;

3) in case of the newsletter: after cancellation;

4) in case of handling complaints; after the complaint has been handled.


To ensure that the sale goes smoothly Click2Deal uses a number of external parties who might also have access to your data. In any case they will store the data for as long as this is necessary for performing their work. Under no circumstances will the personal data be used for other purposes than the work for Click2Deal, unless you have given explicit permission for this. Processor agreements are applicable on all external transfers of personal data.


Click2Deal uses an external fulfilment party for the delivery of the products. Personal data, necessary for sending the products will be provided to the fulfilment party. The fulfilment party uses sub-processors for the shipment of the products.


Click2Deal uses external payment providers for the collection of payments. Personal data, necessary to collect the payments will be provided to the payment providers.


Click2Deal uses an extern E-mail Service Provider for sending the newsletter. Personal data, necessary for sending the newsletter will be provided to the E-mail Service Provider.


Click2Deal is free to create a black list regarding personal data and people who have seriously damaged the trust of Click2Deal. The black list will be kept for an indefinite period and can be reviewed by a limited group of employees of Click2Deal bv. Included in the black list are in any case people who:


1) do not comply with any payment obligation of Click2Deal bv, despite repeated requests;

2) wrongly post negative messages on platforms or social media repeatedly, with the intention to deliberately harm Click2Deal. Cookie policy


The Dealconomy BV websites use cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter: cookies). These collect, store and/or share (personal) data through your browser.


Dealconomy uses so-called session cookies and session storage on this website. Session cookies are functional cookies, intended to make the website function properly. The internet user's permissions is not required for the use of session cookies. These cookies have a different temporarily number each time you visit the website. The session cookies will be removed after you have closed your browser.


In addition, Dealconomy uses cookies that require your prior permission. It is possible to set your browser to handle cookies in a certain way. For example it is possible to never accept cookies, to only accept cookies from the website you visit and not from other domains. This may have consequences for the functionality or –experience of the website. If you have any questions about cookies, please contact the customer [email protected]


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